When the long-awaited moment comes and parents can finally take their premature infants home, it can help to have the right supplies handy. These aren’t always the same items people with full-term babies need.

As with other babies, parents need a car seat before they can bring their child home from the hospital. However, preemies are so tiny that not all regular car seats are safe for them. The staff at the NICU can advise parents on which seats are appropriate. Without the right type of seat, a preemie’s head may not stay properly upright and their breathing may be interrupted. These seats typically need extra padding to help hold little heads in place.

Parents of premature babies will need to stop by the store to pick up some BPA-free bottles with preemie nipples if they aren’t planning to feed the baby solely through breastfeeding. A breastpump can help moms who can’t breastfeed for whatever reason still provide breastmilk for their babies.

Although there is some controversy over the use of pacifiers, they’re usually recommended for preemies, as they may help limit the risk for SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome. They can also be soothing to these babies, who are already at a higher-than-normal risk for SIDS.

While all babies need clothes, most new parents buy or are given those in newborn sizes or 0-3 months. Preemies tend to swim in these clothes, and they sometimes need clothes that are specially designed to be worn with the tubes and wires of the medical equipment that’s often necessary with these tiny babies. You can find a variety of tiny baby clothes if you visit our site, including many that aren’t in the traditional pink and blue colors for babies. Babies can wear a diaper if it’s hot out, but when the temperature is a bit cooler, they need to be covered up to help them maintain their body temperatures, which can be a problem with premature infants.

Besides clothes, a few of those easy-to-use swaddlers that fasten with velcro might come in handy. It’s possible to swaddle preemies using regular baby blankets, but it’s much easier to use one of these products, especially for new parents in the middle of the night.